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Our Team

We are small but mighty! and we know a lot of people. Not a threat....just a humble brag.

Joshua Bennett, owner, fabricator, escape rooms

Joshua Bennett



Joshua has been building sets and props since high school. After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University, he has gone on to work on numerous productions including TEDxRVA (two years running), the AMC television show Turn and Steven Spielberg's Lincoln.

Christina Delli Santi, fabricator, custom built escape rooms

Christina Delli Santi



Originally from New Jersey  she was imported to Richmond, Virginia via Virginia Commonwealth University where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture. Her ideas are usually crazy but that's why we keep her around.

shop dogs, crux scenica


Shop Dog + Moral Support

Sugar is just a puppy and wants to show you all her love. Please pet. She will give you hugs.

Intern, work for us, custom props, props

This could be you!

Job Opportunities

Our company is always looking for people, so we are always looking for well-rounded, hard working and responsible individuals to join our team and build amazing things!  If we have any part-time/ full-time work we will post the job below with instructions on how to apply.

There are no job opportunities at this time. Please check back here and on our Facebook page for any updates on job opportunities.

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