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Built for 


don't ask if it can be built......

ask us HOW AND WHEN?

Madness done cool and with a beer.

Vasectomies go up 30% during March Madness and with that fact, came the idea of this stool. We were approached to make a stool that could cool your "jewels", keep beer cold and order another beer.

This decked out Buffalo Wild Wings stool has a timer so patrons can only use the stool for 20 minutes at a time to maximize experience use and because a Urologist told us to. Button on side of stool to light up "Beer" sign to signal from across the bar.



This stool was used on site at 2 Buffalo Wild Wings locations in New York and Los Angeles. This is not and medical device...yet.

The "jewel" stool

Ritz Luge slide

Made for a real Ritz cracker

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